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Measuring and Marking Tips
Stud Finders And Nails

Some stud finders require calibration in order to work properly. Some do "instant calibration" and some require you to find a stud-free spot on a wall to perform that stud finder calibration. If you are buying a stud finder from a third party on eBay or from a garage sale, be sure to ask what kind of calibration is needed to make the finder work properly.

How Can I Get Better Results From My Tape Measure?

One of the best things you can do to help yourself when using a tape measure involves properly marking the surface you are measuring. Instead of making a straight line, it is far easier to make a "v" mark on the wood, paper, or other surface you are working with. The point of the "v" helps you to quickly locate your measurements and cut, hammer, or drill in exactly the right spot.

Why Use A Laser Level?

If you are in the beginning stages of your tool collection for drywall hanging, home improvements, or other do-it-yourself projects, consider adding a laser level to your kit sooner rather than later. If you are new to laser levels, the first thing you’ll most likely encounter is a choice between a self-leveling laser and models sold without that feature. Spend the extra money for a self-leveling laser, as they will reduce the headaches you’ll get trying to use the “bubble” to adjust and set the level for your new tool. Any bump or jostle to a standard laser level can knock your measurements out of whack. There is no danger of this with a self-leveling laser product. Just turn it on, and get to work. It’s that easy.