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Under-Cabinet Lighting

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve any kitchen is by adding under-cabinet lighting. Lighting for kitchens generally falls into three categories:
1. general lighting (light in the middle of the ceiling),
2. ambient lighting (wall washers that illuminate art, etc.)
3. task lighting (any light that makes using your kitchen easier)

U under-cabinet lighting is the best task lighting. Yet most kitchens we see don’t have it. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates your counter worksurfaces without shadows. Usually halogen low voltage fixtures are used that have a low profile and mount directly to the bottom of your upper cabinets, either on the surface or recessed. You can buy them at most home centers and they can either be hardwired to a wall switch by an electrician (the preferred route) or plug into a wall socket and operate with a line switch. Installing can be as easy as peel and stick and plug in.